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Regarding the safety status of Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd. related to the earthquake of March 11, 2011.

We, Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd. hereby would like to report the impact of the Earthquake and Tsunami that struck northeast region of our home country Japan on Friday March 11, 2011.

We have completed an internal investigation and confirmed that our employees, production facilities, research and development facility and headquarter are all operating without any damaged caused by this natural disaster.

We will continue to operate our business as usual and will make our best effort to deliver the products to you without any failure. However, due to that this disaster is one of the kind that we all have never experienced and a huge area of Japan is deeply damaged thus we might have a possibility to face raw material delivery delay and logistics delay in the near future.

Our entire employees will make our best effort to avoid this matter and will report to you if such incidence may happen.

May God help those people who suffer at this very moment.

Sincerely yours.

Junichi Komamura
Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd.



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